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How Bail Bond Works

How do Bail Bonds Work? What Is a Bail Bond?

The Bail Bond Process and The Court System

Bail Bondsman Orlando Florida

The purpose of the bail bond system is to obtain a defendant’s release from jail for the duration of his court case. Our licensed and experienced agents can answer any of your specific questions 24 hours a day.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

A bail bond is formally known as a “surety bond”. Usually, a friend, relative, attorney or defendant will contact a bail bond company by phone. During the initial phone consultation, most bail bond companies will collect basic information about the situation, such as where is the detainee being held, how long have they been there, what are the charges, how long have they been in their current residence, do they work, etc. The bail company is assessing the risk involved in the bail bond.

If the client and bail bondsman agree to do the bond, a scheduled meeting will then take place at one of our two offices located in Central Florida.

After the client arrives at the office, and the bail bond paperwork is finalized, our agent will “post” the bond at the correctional facility/jail which will result in the release of the defendant.
For this service, the customer is charged a fee (10% of the full bail amount, or a minimum of $100 which is mandated by Florida state laws). All Star Bail Bonds ™ and Magic Bail Bonds™ offers payment arrangements to meet your needs.
Arrest and Booking

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Arrested then Book on skilled bail bondsman

When an individual is arrested, they will be taken to the local jail for booking. During the arrest and booking process, bail will be set. After they have been booked, the defendant has several options for release which are outlined below.

The booking process basically consists of fingerprinting, background check, check for warrants and getting into the computer system.

There is a considerable amount of work involved on the jail’s part to get the defendant processed in. Once the defendant is booked in, the computer system will need to be updated. The entire process can be time-consuming. All of this must be completed before a bail bond can be posted.

Bail is a performance-based contract. He/she must perform by attending all required court dates. Failure to attend court will result in a breach of the bail contract.

  • Payment plans available.
  • No collateral needed in most cases.
  • Directly Across from Jail
  • Signature releases.